Traditional pastry shop


The traditional pastry shop by Giovanni Cogno was established in 1986 in La Morra, in the province of Cuneo, in the heart of an important area in Piedmont (Italy) called “Langhe”: this area is well-known for its fine wines and truffles. Our company was established with the aim to promote, in addition to these products, also other local products like the hazelnuts or the corn flour. Inspired by the job of his parents, who were bakers in La Morra and produced also some handmade desserts, the owner Giovanni Cogno has elaborated some of the most representative recipes of that area, in order to spread them among the Italian and foreign gourmands. Our products are: the hazelnut cake and the hazelnut and chocolate cake, the hazelnut biscuits, the hazelnut and chocolate biscuits and the Meliga biscuits, the Lamorresi (delicious chocolate pralines), the sweet truffles, the truffle cake etc etc. They are all prepared with special care and accurately selected and quality ingredients. The latter, used by Giovanni Cogno for his products, are only and exclusively hazelnut from Piedmont with the finest ingredients selected by the producer himself.

Giovanni Cogno, with the traditional pastry shop by Giovanni Cogno, focuses on top quality products prepared without using colorants and preservatives, packed with good taste in order to underline their handmade quality and accurately supervised in every preparation phase: from the production to the various solutions for the packaging. Our products are the result of our interpretation of the completely traditional pastry.