White truffles by Giovanni Cogno


The white truffles by Cogno Giovanni are a traditional dessert in Piedmont and are inspired to the real truffle, one of the finest and exclusive products of our land of Langa, in Piedmont. What makes them similar is their irregular shape, which makes every single piece unique.
They are exclusively made of fine milk chocolate and PGI hazelnuts from Piedmont, directly toasted and selected in our lab. Their taste satisfies also the most demanding palates. They look like seducing morsels coated by powdered sugar. A pleasure for the palate.

This delicious white truffles by Giovanni Cogno are exclusively made of chocolate and hazelnuts from Piedmont. Can you believe that? Just these two delicious and genuine ingredients. That is the truth, which seems incredible: 50% hazelnuts and 50% chocolate. All this to live some moments of refined pleasure with your friends at any time of the day.