Honey biscuits by Giovanni Cogno


The honey biscuits by Giovanni Cogno are a new creation in our range of products. We have tried to find the right balance between the various ingredients, to enhance the delicate taste of honey. Not a classic honey but a tastier one, which prevails on the other ingredients. A fragrant biscuit for every palate, which is perfect for an excellent breakfast. It is sweet, with a seducing and clear taste. All the flavour of honey with the eggs and a soft and delicious dough. The packaging is made with transparent paper closed with a pink ribbon.
This packaging allows you, who do not know the products of the pastry shop by Giovanni Cogno, to see them without waiting to open the package and see how they look like. These biscuits required a lot of care and attention to be prepared. For this reason Giovanni Cogno is happy that the packaging allows you to see the product, because you may share the traditional genuineness and beauty of such handmade product.