Black truffles by Giovanni Cogno


The pastry shop by Giovanni Cogno produces delicious black truffles by Giovanni Cogno. When the intense flavour of dark chocolate meets the intriguing one of PGI hazelnuts from Piedmont, the result is our sweet black truffle. The finest cocoa powder is the background for this special flavour combination. Delicious and traditional small balls, whose name comes from the finest Truffle from Langa, with the same irregular shape. They are perfect at any time of the day, a sweet relaxing moment of taste. This type of sweets is perfect for parties, dinners, for your beloved ones or your colleagues and friends, but also to amaze your partner with a kind and elegant gift.

The black truffles by Giovanni Cogno are morsels of condensed pleasure, just choose who you want to donate them to. Every truffle is amazingly tasty. Taste the moment and be seduced by your relaxing time of the day.